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Here is what TNIADA Membership gets you:

  • Learn how to stay legal and avoid fines
  • Legislative Lobbyists fighting for your rights
  • Annual Coupon Book worth over $24,000 dollars in auction and vendor coupons (View Discount Book)
  • Member Wall Plaque and Door Decals
  • Discount on forms you need
  • Immediate answers to your complex questions
  • TNIADA Independent Dealer News Magazine
  • Used Car Dealer News Magazine (Published by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association)
  • Automatic Annual NIADA Enrollment
  • Seminars, Workshops and Dealer Training
  • Access to over 150 Quality Service Providers
  • Bi-Monthly Member Newsletter
  • NIADA.TV Logo

It has become practically impossible for dealers today to stay legally informed. Your failure to comply with local, state, and federal laws could result in you:

  • Paying Severe Fines
  • Losing Your Business
  • Going to Jail
  • Ruining Your Future

TNIADA members get immediate answers to sometimes sensitive and complex questions. If you are not already a member, what are you waiting for?


What can new members gain from TNIADA?

The way a dealer does business has changed tremendously over the years. With the environment an ongoing issue, more and more safety issues and more disclosures required, a dealer must be informed if he wants to be successful. TNIADA can give you answers to the questions about your business. Our training manual has a wealth of information for new dealers, and long-time dealers alike. The information available to members as well as the many other benefits and services offered are the most comprehensive and accessible in the state. The monthly magazine Independent Dealer keeps dealers up to date on what's happening in their industry and beyond. 

New members also receive over $22,000 in coupons toward auction fees, computer software, and promotional items, not to mention opportunities to network and meet with other dealers, to exchange ideas, make new friends, learn about new products and so much more. 

Don't take our word for it, listen to our members. Most believe their involvement has enhanced their success, and in many cases, their entire life. Many have said they can't afford not to belong. There is an old adage that says, what you put into something, many times comes back tenfold. Attitude is important to what a member perceives...if a member is looking for a quick fix for all of his problems, that member will not be able to understand fully the value of membership.

What can TNIADA do for you?

We, the staff and the leadership, must instill in the members that the TNIADA is necessary for the development of their industry's image. The TNIADA provides the capabilities and means to educate and enrich knowledge through various seminars and meetings. It's hard to place a dollar figure on the experience shared at convention between TNIADA members. We've heard members say that just one thing they have learned since being a member has saved them thousands of dollars and maybe their entire business.

President J.T. Livezey asks: Where does the dealer go for answers when the state comes to audit your records? Who do you call if you need legal advice or to get a rule or statute explained? In other words, when a dealer needs to know his rights, who does he call? TNIADA. The TNIADA is the recognized organization of the independent dealer. Why would an independent dealer not become a member of his or her association?

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