Why Join TNIADA?


The Tennessee Independent Automobile Dealers Association, Inc., known as the TNIADA, is a not-for-profit Tennessee corporation that was organized in 2001 to represent and support the interests of the independent used car dealers.

By being a member of your state and national association, you join fellow independent auto dealers across the nation who are making a difference in promoting the professionalism of the motor vehicle industry. In order to have a strong relevance with elected state and national leaders, we must strive to keep our membership numbers high.     Every member is important!

Welcome to TNIADA

TNIADA is the only state association affiliated and approved by NIADA, The National Independent Auto Dealers Association.



TNIADA is proud to announce the hiring of Carlye White, Executive Director.




 TNIADA was established out of the need for a common ground for independent car dealers to learn how to be successful, protect themselves from unfair and unnecessary regulations, exchange ideas, and educate the public and the law makers.


TNIADA allows a voice for independent car dealers too small to represent themselves before state and federal agencies and Congress. One of our more important roles is to educate both regulators and legislators about the impacts of proposed legislation and to promote legislation which benefits this industry. Whether it's creating an environment for sharing ideas, or serving as a place to go for solutions to problems that arise, TNIADA is the only association in Tennessee whose primary purpose is the welfare and success of the independent dealer.

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