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City Enterprises and Dealer’s Auto Auction Group
Announce Purchase of Chattanooga Auto Auction

Memphis, Tennessee David Andrews, CEO of City Enterprises, LLC announces the acquisition of Chattanooga Auto Auction, joining the company’s sister Dealer’s Auto Auctions in Memphis, TN,
Mobile, AL, Huntsville, AL and Murfreesboro, TN.   “We are thrilled to have Chattanooga join our family
of auctions.  This addition will help to expand Dealer’s Auto Auction into a new region, and increases Chattanooga’s client base and the services provided to their dealers.” 

"Our acquisition and development of DAA Chattanooga is a great strategic addition to our portfolio of auctions," said Andrews.  "This allows us to grow our service offering to the remarketing clients and dealers of Dealers Auto Auction Group, while supporting our sister companies within City Enterprises."  

DAA Chattanooga General Manager, Casey Tuggle says, “We are looking forward to expanding our offering with what we consider to be best-in-class service for our clients and dealers."  Tuggle continued,  “We are excited to be a part of the Dealer’s Auto family of auctions, and are preparing the lanes to welcome our newest clients, which include Remarketing by GE, PHH, Lease Plan and ARI.”

Dealer’s Auto Auction Chattanooga is located at 2120 Stein Drive in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The 6-lane auction facility holds weekly dealer sales on Thursday mornings at 9:45am and dealer and public sales on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm.  DAA Chattanooga hosts monthly sale events featuring TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), and are now extending their expertise with more new car dealer and fleet accounts.
City Enterprises, LLC, is the Management Company and parent entity of City Auto Sales, LLC, Dealer's Auto Auctions group, City Direct, Connect1Recovery, City Leasing and City Auto Finance.  The Dealer’s Auto Auction group is comprised of DAA Memphis; DAA Murfreesboro; DAA Huntsville, DAA Mobile and now DAA Chattanooga.  City Enterprises, LLC employs over 650 people, with future expansion plans for additional Dealer’s Auto auctions, City Auto Sales and City Auto Finance locations throughout the Southeast.

Chattanooga Auto Auction is a full-service facility open to licensed automobile dealers with regularly scheduled dealer and government-sponsored vehicle sales.  Our facility was built to serve the East Tennessee, Northern Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia markets, and is centrally located just off I-75 near the intersection of I-75, I-24, and I-59.  The modern facility consists of 55 contiguous acres, which include a 6-lane auction building complete with administrative offices and cafeteria, a 3-lane, full-service reconditioning center, a quarter-mile test track and a mechanical inspection and repair shop.

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