dealer resources
General Consumer Information:
Consumer Reports Kelley Blue Book Consumer Guide Road and Track Magazine
Car and Driver Ask Patty
Government Resources
National Traffic Highway Safety Administration Tennessee General Assembly Bills
FTC Automobile Consumer InformationConsumer Safety & Recalls
To file a complaint:
Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dealer Board Fraud Awareness The National Insurance Crime Bureau
Downloads TNIADA Member Application
A Dealer's Guide to the Used Car Rule (pdf) Office of Foreign Assets Control Guide (pdf)
USA Patriot Act (pdf) Audit Technique Guide (pdf)
Gramm-Leach-Bliley (pdf) Motor Vehicle Identification Cert. (pdf)
TN Dept. of Safety Drivers License Renewal On-line Dealer License RenewalTN MVC
Used Car Dealer License Form (pdf) Sales Person License Form (pdf)
Complaint Procedure and Complaint Form TN Rules & Laws Dealer Forms - TN D.O.R.County Clerks Offices
TN Legislature - MVC Bills Motor Vehicle Division TN Clean Air Vehicle InspectionTN Corporation Forms
TN Automobile Insurance Plan
Federal Resources & Compliance FTC Buyers Guide 2018
Federal Trade Commission's Safeguards Rule (pdf) IRS Cash Reporting Requirements - 8300 Form (pdf)
Apply For Your Federal Tax I.D. Number Check SDN Blocked Persons List
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Flood Vehicle Database
OFAC Compliance Made Easy 2018 Recall Doc
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